Python Programming

Python is a very popular teaching language due to its readability, and relative similarity to human language. It is also widely used in industry and will provide adults alike a stepping stone into real-world development

Course Topics

Topic lengths may vary based on student experience. For shorter sessions, students will be able to complete the activities at home. Where age appropriate, discussion forums will be available for the course members to support each other. We also have a ten-week fixed course for adults called Introduction to Python

0Computational ThinkingIntroduction to algorithms and thinking like a computer – unplugged activities
1Python TurtleComputational thinking / problem solving with the python turtle (inspired by logo)
2Text – the simple chatbotUser input and manipulating text input and output
3NumbersMake a simple calculator
4Conditional statementsUsing if statements to decide how to make your chatbot respond
5LoopsRepeating code with loops – expanding the turtle and chatbot activities
6ListsSimple arrays in python. Accessing information using numerical indexes. Adding a bank of responses to the chatbot
7DictionariesStoring information using a key. Using keywords to match phrases to responses
8FunctionsLearn about abstraction, functions, parameters and return values with some turtle shapes
9Fun with NumbersTaking a closer look at the numerical operators in python.
+2-4Adventure Game ProjectMulti-session project to consolidate your skills. Build an exciting adventure game where you travel through new lands and fight demons
+1Linear SortPractice with loops and lists by building a simple sort
+1FilesRead from, and write to text files. Adding a file-based set of commands to our chatbot and/or save status to the adventure game