Introduction – Python Turtle

Turtle – the original coding toy

In my youth, we were lucky enough to have one of the original logo turtles in our school. Making that turtle with its pen draw shapes and patterns was one of the most memorable experiences of my early schooling. Now you can share in that a little through the fun of the Python turtle library.

These slides give an introduction to computational thinking and a set of activities that show you turtles in a few languages. You can follow these activities or some of those shown below.

Whichever route you follow, tweet some images of your code and output with the hashtag below.

You can find lots of resources to explain how to use the Python turtle. I recommend this hour of code tutorial from trinket.

If you’re using an IDE / interpreter installed on your computer, you might find this tutorial helpful.

multicolour spirograph pattern made up of different repeated shapes.
Turtle generated
spirograph-style pattern

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