Introduction to Python : Course Description

If you have ever wanted to learn how the software we use in our daily lives is created, this course is an excellent place to start.  Assuming no prior knowledge and requiring the simplest of equipment, this course introduces all of the essential elements to help you get started in coding for fun – and maybe profit.


This course is intended for adult learners with no previous programming/coding experience.  It is suitable for people looking for an introduction to the essential concepts of software development for personal or career development.  It would also be useful for teachers looking to teach the Computing curriculum at Key Stage 3. Further practise is recommended for those looking to teach at GCSE level.


This is an entry level course (Level 0) intended to provide the foundational knowledge required for further study.  Access to a computer with a modern web browser is required. While not required, subscription to an online web development service such as trinket may improve your experience.  You may choose to use an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) or a text editor and interpreter for this course.  Suggestions for suitable software are included in the course materials

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