Whatever your requirements, whether you want to learn a new skill, get extra support with a GCSE or a-level, or study for an IGCSE in Computer Science, I can help you to find a tutoring solution that works for you.  I offer tutoring in your own home (local to Bromsgrove only) or online using the Moodle Virtual Learning environment and Google Hangouts.

All of the tutoring options are available individually or in small groups.

School / College Students

If you’re taking GCSE or A-level computer science, I can offer tailored support in both theory and practical aspects (within exam board guidelines for assessed work).  See Languages for detail on which languages I teach with.

Adult Training

Whether you want to improve your employability by learning to code, or just want to learn for fun, I can teach you from the comfort of your own home with custom designed activities.

Home Education

If you are looking for a qualification, I can offer the 100% exam based IGCSE in Computer Science.  Exams for this syllabus can be taken at various locations across the country.   Alternatively if you are learning for self-improvement or with a view to later study, I can tailor materials and sessions to your requirements.