Quarantine Resources

I’m seeing lots of people doing fun and useful things for kids while they are off school, and I thought I would try to do my bit. As time passes I might be able to do some online sessions in person, but in the meantime, here are some fun and educational programming resources your kids can do independently and without specialist software.

  • Hour of code : tons of fun activities for kids of all ages
  • W3Schools tutorials: year 7 and above will be learning some HTML so this is a good place to start with that
  • Lightbot – cute robot based computational thinking games
  • Trinket – text based programming with some free tutorials. Many schools do their early python work with the turtle so this is a nice place to start with it. If your child is serious about programming, the paid account for access to python 3 is very reasonably priced
  • Turtle Academy : the original turtle in the logo language
  • Small Basic : A text based language available online. It’s a bit easier to get started with than python because of the handy reference section that will remind children of the scratch
  • Scratch : There are tons of resources out there for this, but I’m also making my challenge programs available. I use these in my workshops to give the students somewhere to start – most involve something broken for them to fix