Robotics and Electronics

The range of educational robots and electronics projects out there is huge, so rather than having a set of all of one type, we’ve decided to create mixed robotics sessions which can offer a challenge to all ages and abilities. Single-session workshops can allow people to try out one of the robots, and longer-term clubs can let you try out a range of different robots.

With the help of my intrepid test subjects, I am current building and testing the robot and electronics options, and as we approve them, we’ll add them here.


The GoPiGo is our most flexible robot. Based on the Raspberry Pi computer, this comes with a distance sensor to allow more complicated programming challenges such as avoiding objects. Programmable in block language or text languages, this robot is guaranteed to be great fun for a range of ages.

GoPiGo in construction (just missing the battery pack)
Almost completed, just missing the battery pack

Sphero Mini

A lot of fun in a little package, the Sphero mini can be driven manually by our younger creators, or programmed using a block language via a tablet.

Raspberry pi / Pi-Top

We have a raspberry pi based laptop to build electronic circuits, which you can control with Scratch or Python. We also have a pi-top pulse which provides a programmable grid of lights, a microphone and speaker to use in a range of projects.

We also have several raspberry pis setup with access to the GPIO pins to allow you to write code for LEDs, switches and buzzers.

These computers also come with excellent programming tutorials, and the CEED universe game that teaches STEM concepts through play.